Xhamster beer, made by the Italian beers manufacturing, Xhamster beer is made in Italy craft beer manufacturing suppliers for food and beverage distributors, unfiltered and unpasteurized dark, blond craft beers to support distributor business to business into the world market, Xhamster offers a gourmet beer to double your pleasure, in the future coming an American pale Ale, Belgium Ale beers to the wholesale distribution in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Latin America food and beverage markets... Xhamster a made in Italy craft beer
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ADULT ENTERTAINMENT BEER CRAFTED BY XHMASTER - THE FIRST PORN BEER The most important premium tripel beer by xHamster a customized Belgian ale quality beer for a VIP adult entertainment sex industry, the xHamster beer is produced with organic chestnut honey, 05 different malts and natural yeast, obtaining a perfect Italian craft beer for a VIP taste beverage market. A great belgian tripel beer for entertainment business industry to Double your Pleasure

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PORN INDUSTRY BEER Xhamster one of the most important adult entertainment web site and sex industry market offers a beer consisting of four main ingredients that make up the character of craft beer: malts, hops, honey and yeast. Quantity 5 types of malt, 2 types of hops, Italian organic honey, the best spices and traditional yeast.

XHAMSTER BEER TASTE: complex and full, the scent of honey blends with the malt, coriander used moderately, the yeasts used in two different moments of fermentation give the fullness and the spicy notes that go with lightness to contribute to taste. The aroma of hops remains on the palate.









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BREWING PROCESS - MANUFACTURING FACILITIES IN VENETO ITALY we follow the made in Italy tradition and passion in each brewing process, very important to select the best brewing water, organic malt, hops, natural yeast and exclusive flavors in a perfect environment to obtain high quality handmade craft beers to fit a vip taste requirements from the world market. We have beers perfect to drink with delicate fish, meat and strong barbecue. PRIVATE LABEL OFFER as manufacturers we encourage VIP customers to produce our beers with private label Brand to customized and increase their profit business...



Fresh beer, high fermentation type "Belgian speciality Ale" called Lost, 5% Vol, Rager 21 IBU unfiltered and unpasteurized beer...>

High fermentation craft beer type "Biere de Garde" called 2 Fuochi, 6,5% Vol, Rager 22,4 IBU unfiltered and unpasteurized beer...>

Strong beer, high fermentation type "Belgian strong ale" called Special 3, 7% Vol., Rager 19 IBU unfiltered and unpasteurized...>



"Scottish Ale" high fermentation a dark craft beer called Nessie, 5% Vol, Rager 20 IBU unfiltered and unpasteurized beer...>

Blond craft beer, high fermentation "Biere Saison" called Litha, 6,5% Vol, Rager 28 IBU unfiltered and unpasteurized beer...>

High fermentation craft beer type "American Pale Ale" called Skunk Apa, 5,5% Vol, Rager 35,4 IBU unfiltered and unpasteurized...>




Clear blond beer, type "Wit Biere" called Skunk Apa, high fermentation 4,5% Vol, Rager 19 IBU unfiltered and unpasteurized beer...>






Our birrificio Artigianale Italy, is an Italian beer manufacturer of traditional craft beers using made in Italy ingredients and tradition Italian ale beerscraft Belgian ale beers manufacturer, made in Italy biere de garde suppliers, old dark beer European brewery, Italian brewer technology, tripel malt craft beers vendors, Belgium dark beers manufacturers. Our mission is to produce the best craft beers made in Italy for wholesale distributors in Europe, USA, Asia Middle East, Africa, Latin America including the following markets: Italy, Austria, France, USA, Netherlands, England, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, California, Texas, New York, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta in the US, Australia, Japan, China, India, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Perý, Brasil, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, China, Thailand, Taipei, Finland, Poland, Germany, Norway, England, Romania, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, Ireland Great Britain, Scotland, Bolivia, England, Sweden, Canada, United States, South Korea, Kuwait, China, Japan, Oman, Bahrain, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Colombia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Thailand... supporting the vip wholesale food and beverage distributors worldwide








Italian beers manufacturing company to the vip gourmet food and beverage distribution business, a complete range of blond n bottle and kegs, clear and dark malt beer to the drinking market, as Italian beer manufacturer we offer private label production and customizee branding solutions to world beer manufacturers and keg pub drinks distributors

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Italian gourmet craft manufacturer using organic ingredients malts from Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, USA, Italy plus high end quality hops and yeast




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